Ryk Holden

Senior Vice President

Ryk has spent more than 30 years helping improve financial performance for businesses by optimizing operating costs and mitigating energy risks.  Ryk is a long-time partner of Acclaim Energy and currently oversees Acclaim’s legacy businesses in the U.S.

Ryk was instrumental in the development of Acclaim’s consultancy services, including distributed generation, energy master planning for large clients, and commodity price risk. As availability widened for short interval process data and cloud-based analytic capabilities, Ryk guided development of Acclaim’s operations improvement program to leverage energy-centric interval costs as a critical tool for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing and commercial operating processes. This program illuminates hidden value and helps clients reduce energy and operating costs by 20% or more with little to no capital required.

Prior to joining Acclaim Energy, Ryk provided independent consulting to oil and gas clients to manage energy price risk and optimize midstream oil and gas processes. Ryk began his career as a project engineer in the offshore oil and gas industry with Shell before moving into commercial gas trading and marketing with Enron and other trading organizations.

Ryk has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois.