7 Essential Questions Every Business Leader Needs to Ask Themselves

December 2, 2020

Energy is one of the top 5 business expenses, yet many leaders fail to embrace the magnitude of strategies that can be easily deployed to optimize your energy profile, generate savings, and improve your sustainability efforts. Find out if you are an industry leader or falling behind. If you answer No to any of the following questions, there are numerous ways to improve your performance.


1. Are you capitalizing on new energy prices and markets to improve your business performance?
2. Are you educating and engaging your work force to help reduce energy costs?
3. Are you tracking the impact of your energy usage and or environmental impact?
4. Does your leadership team understand the benefits of effective energy management operating principles?
5. Are you aware that investment ratings for businesses are now being impacted based on how you use and manage energy?
6. Is energy management and sustainability strategies a part of your annual plan?
7. Do you have a core group of leaders in your firm who are driving your energy strategy?

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