Social Responsibility

Responsibility, accountability and transparency are critical elements of how we operate to serve our clients and the communities where they operate.

As a business, we believe every company should step up and try to positively influence our society. Social responsibility has always been fundamental to the way we operate. Guided by our responsibility to our people, clients, communities and the environment, we use our understanding of energy, technology and diverse systems to create value for our customers. We also help to build more inclusive societies that offer more opportunities for all people.

Our team of proven energy professionals breathe life into our commitment to influence the marketplace. These pros shape ideas into strategies and customized solutions to address complex business and social issues. Together, all of us at Acclaim work to improve the lives of others, now and for the next generation.

Our Guiding Principles 

Growth and Customers: A commitment to building processes and pursuing market opportunities that address economic and social challenges. In addition, we work to ensure that our products and services include environmental considerations.

Performance Excellence: We further integrate efforts to minimize our client’s environmental impact by finding ways to work in partnership with other suppliers to scale these efforts. In addition, we target opportunities to align with the social responsibility goals of our partners and suppliers to effect positive change.

Trust: We are redoubling our efforts to be transparent and putting our policies, people and processes in place to establish and sustain customer and community trust.

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