Energy Risk Management Services (RMS)

At Acclaim Energy, we believe that the key to managing energy costs effectively is to develop a comprehensive energy management strategy that can adapt no matter what the market conditions, regulatory structures, or supplier behavior. We work closely with clients of all sizes across North America to establish energy goals that align with their risk tolerance, budgetary constraints, sustainability promises, emission mandates, and other business objectives.

As a result, Acclaim has distinguished itself by assisting clients to implement the right strategic energy management solutions, including benchmarking its performance against the established goals and adapting strategies to meet business and changing market conditions.

The Acclaim approach to RMS focuses on Four Points: 

Security of Supply – Price Protection – Backup Supply – Inventory Management

The energy market is constantly changing, which creates both opportunities and challenges for companies. However, if your company does not monitor the natural gas and electricity markets on a daily basis as we do, it becomes difficult to seize those opportunities or mitigate risks in a timely manner.

For Acclaim Energy, locking in the best price is just the beginning. We believe in a thorough approach to analyzing internal and external data points to ensure our clients stay informed and can make the best decisions.

Because of our years of experience and resources, we can provide support when it comes to:

  • Contract Flexibility
  • Futures Trading
  • Hedging
  • Arbitrage
  • Alternative Fuel Supply

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