National Industrial Parks Organization

Owners of more than 20 industrial parks, 50 locations, 25 million in SF leased under management and they use 700 – 800 MW annually. They provide an integrated offering (design, build, and operate master-planned developments).



  • They currently have a 50% retention rate, and one of the keys is the value added services they provide to their clients
  • This client wanted a strategic energy partner that could help them and their clients more effectively navigate the changes in procurement, compliance, risk, power quality and reliability.


  • By taking a thought leadership position and thru our stakeholder relations, we were able to gain access to the CEO
  • He thought highly of our reputation, and the synergy between his company and ours when it came to customer education, service, strategic energy management and savings
  • They contracted us to serve as their energy advisor and we built a program where the owners introduced us, endorsed us and created large group forums, so we could reach C level executives and share best practices for their operations


  • The organization looked liked a visionary for providing these value added services and it helped with their customer retention
  • For Acclaim, it reduced our cost of lead generation and acquisition, giving us pivotal access to C level officers and increased brand familiarity and favorability