Acclaim Reliability Advantage (ARA)

Overcoming Reliability Challenges

The ability to balance the electricity grid is getting more complex due to the increased use of renewables, regulatory reforms, and weather uncertainty. Due to the evolving energy market, organizations need to embrace new strategies and technologies to improve reliability and resiliency.

Distributed Generation (DG) is the Answer

Currently, off-grid power generation can significantly lower emissions, reduce costs, and provide backup emergency power to mitigate risk and protect your organization. For more than 18 years, Acclaim Energy has been at the forefront of solving the toughest energy reliability challenges for government entities, hospitals, universities, and businesses.

We take a holistic approach to manage energy and have developed a deep and proven expertise on how to develop DG solutions that deliver reliability and value.

Strategic Edge

We leverage our relationships with industry leaders, so our clients enjoy full access to superior technology and cost-efficient and customized DG solutions. Acclaim and its suppliers have developed, installed, managed, and serviced 2+ GW of microgrid capacity over the past 20 years, as well as implemented over $800 million of energy efficiency upgrades. By using Acclaim, you get the latest market insights, so you can make the best choices for your organization.

Resiliency and Cost Reductions Through Renewables

Renewable energy and sustainability have become business priorities and are rewarded by consumers and investors. With the Acclaim Reliability Advantage, you enjoy 24/7 power to address your critical needs from renewable energy sources and insulate your operations when your grid operator experiences challenges due to storms and natural disasters.

The Acclaim Reliability Advantage Includes: 

  • Evaluation of each site to deliver a customized reliability solution
  • Assessment of the economics of buying the system or having it provided as a service
  • Financial models of a system’s overall performance and costs
  • Standards and systems to ensure power reliability
  • Routine testing and reporting to ensure superior performance
  • Higher measurable reliability than emergency-only generators
  • Manufacturer-provided installation, monitoring, and maintenance of equipment
  • Options for extended warranties and replacement generators in the event of catastrophic failure
  • Financing options
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Ability to capture maximum value in grid participation programs

The Texas Distributed Generation Opportunity 

After the February freeze of 2021, a renewed focus has been placed on how to create a more reliable grid in Texas. With the passing of SB3, the door to initiating many changes was opened that will materially impact the grid for the next 20 years. The rules are still being finalized, but they include a focus on the development of quick response assets into the grid which is generally referred to as DG. The barriers to effective deployment of DG to enable not only behind the meter microgrids but also in front of the meter microgrid systems may well be removed.

Acclaim’s vision for our Texas customers is to enjoy the benefits of grid stability and to have backup reliability if the grid has challenges. This will be done by leveraging the generators that are on the circuit as a microgrid. Acclaim is working to enable this vision by working with local government and utilities to create this future state.

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