Global Manufacturing Company

This organization is a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company with unique businesses in Refining, Midstream, Chemicals, Marketing and Specialties. Acclaim was retained to establish more efficient operating configurations and to assess added value from demand response and alternate utility rates for its crude and liquid pipelines.



  • Client spend for energy + drag reducing agent > $50 million annually
  • Client considered future technology investments across enterprise; needed to estimate financial impact to qualify potential investment
  • Client traditionally relied upon a simple “playbook” of station configurations to select pumping schemes


  • Acclaim could help break in to the midstream segment through its analytics
  • Acclaim could additionally build upon its knowledge base and develop scalable offerings to introduce them into a $1 billion industry
  • By understanding the energy vs. drag reducing agent “relationship” from an analytical perspective, Acclaim would have yet another differentiator to bring value to other midstream clientele


  • Acclaim’s data analytics provided alternative system configurations demonstrated within the data to save between 10  and 14 percent
  • Through its work, Acclaim discovered that additional significant savings were possible through focused optimization at the station level
  • Annual pipeline pumping costs exceed $50 million, with savings potential as high as $7.5 million