Mission and Values

Acclaim Energy is a results- and values-driven organization that uses its experience, knowledge and technical expertise to help clients understand and unlock sustainable growth and improvements in how they buy and manage energy. By working closely with our clients, we can shape the future together.

Our core values drive the culture and define the character of our company, our people and relationships. They reflect our shared approach on how we make decisions and treat each other, suppliers, partners and, most importantly, our clients.

Our Values 

Code of Conduct

We define ourselves by trust, integrity and achieving sustainable value for our customers. Our continued success means upholding professional standards, adhering to applicable laws and regulations and fulfilling ethical obligations while delivering high-quality service, innovation and customized solutions.

Honor Our Word

Customers: By working diligently toward complete alignment with our customers’ needs, we work hard to provide timely and superior analysis, and deliver industry-leading technology, services and value.

Communities: We operate with the highest ethical standards and obey all applicable laws, rules and regulations; and respect local and national cultures.

Respect for People

We will be honest and thoughtful and share information in a timely and consistent manner. We will be transparent, inclusive and empathetic to our clients’ needs and the communities we serve.

Demand Excellence

We are intentional, accurate and timely. We go above and beyond to serve our customers. We will hold each other accountable for delivering excellence. We expect what you expect; therefore, communication matters most, and we will work diligently to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Promote Profitability and Sustainability

We bring value to our customers and employees and promote mindful use of resources, efficiency, innovation and teamwork.

Ethical Dealings

We expect our colleagues to do the right thing all the time, every time. This means being open and honest in all situations, especially when it is difficult to do so. Respect confidentiality and protect privacy.


We value differing viewpoints from both our customers and employees, because it challenges us to think more broadly and allows us to be more creative in the products, processes and solutions we develop. We realize that the world we serve is diverse, and we respect and embrace those differences in how we work and serve others.

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