Promoting sustainability and protecting our planet and the communities where we live and work is our priority and has been since our inception in 2003. Since the beginning, we have used our understanding of technology and its impact on people to transform society and businesses in a responsible way. The ideas we have, the innovations we create, and the partnerships we develop all have a ripple effect that changes the lives of people we work with and the communities where our customers live and work.

“At Acclaim, it is simple. We apply the same level of commitment and innovation that goes into everything we do, to create programs and partnerships that make things better for people and the world we live in. In a time when the threats facing our world are too great to ignore, we are demonstrating that our business and others must play a vital role. We are proud to work with others who share our passion to ensure a better future for our customers, their communities, and our world.” John D. Elder III, President and CEO.

The following are the areas of sustainability that we focus on:

  • Renewable Energy: Transitioning our customers to renewable energy when appropriate
  • Lowering Carbon Emissions: Assisting clients to embrace technologies, materials, and operating systems that provide low carbon alternatives
  • Energy Efficiency: Reducing energy use at customer facilities