John D. Elder III

President, Chief Executive Officer

John D. Elder has led successful businesses since he was in high school, when he established a roofing business that became a multi-million-dollar enterprise. He went on to develop and serve as president of The Resource Alliance Group, a non-profit that helped displaced energy executives launch their own business ventures. His eye for emerging opportunities allowed him to create new businesses because of the strategic planning and financing his organization provided for early-stage entrepreneurs. His company enjoyed rapid success and was rolled into the Houston Technology Center’s energy practice. However, during his assessment of new enterprises, he saw an opportunity in the newly deregulated Texas energy market and launched Acclaim Energy in 2003.

From the company’s early-stage development to the creation of its strategic energy management value proposition, John has helped lead Acclaim through a process of creating valuable change, improving technology and consistently introducing new products and services to meet the needs of the ever-changing energy market. Acclaim Energy currently serves as energy advisors for C&I multinationals, hospitals, cities, universities and government entities across Mexico and the United States. His commitment to creating value is wide-ranging, and his high standards have resulted in the company’s 97 percent customer retention rate.

Today, Acclaim Energy helps organizations develop customized programs to manage energy strategically, mitigate risk and use renewables effectively to lower costs and emissions. His ability to see new opportunities allows his team to help others broaden their knowledge and pursue material advantages throughout the entire energy value chain.