John D. Elder

President, Chief Executive Officer

With an eye for identifying emerging opportunities, he has been building and leading successful businesses since high school. In 2002, he founded, developed and served as President of The Resource Alliance Group, a non-profit that helped displaced energy executives launch their own business enterprises. Multiple new businesses were created as a result of the strategic planning and financing they provided for early-stage entrepreneurs. The company enjoyed rapid success and was rolled into the Houston Technology Center’s energy practice. Through that process, he saw an opportunity in the newly created deregulated market in Texas and launched Acclaim Energy.

From the company’s early-stage development, to the creation of its strategic energy management value proposition, He has helped lead Acclaim through a consistent process of creating change that matters, by attracting the best and brightest, improving technology, and constantly introducing new products and services to meet emerging trends.

His abilities to take a vision and make it a reality through sound strategy development, intuitively seeing the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, and bringing them together into a coherent whole has been a source of strength. By promoting a culture of openness, he helped others extend their thinking, and drive material business advantages for our company and clients. He works hard to be an inspirational leader who inspires action while at the same time is grounded in financial information that helps manage his business for growth.