Energy as a Service (EaaS)

As the utility industry undergoes major transformation due to deregulation, digitization and decarbonization, it has created tremendous opportunities for companies to benefit from this concept.

At Acclaim, EaaS is about applying a comprehensive look at your organizations’ energy profile, starting with an analysis of the total annual utility spend (electricity, natural gas), procurement, risks, technology, systems (lighting, boilers, chillers, HVAC, pumps, motors, automation controls, etc.)

For us, Energy as a Service is an off balance sheet approach that enables your organization the opportunity to make a myriad of improvements to your facilities, while improving your energy efficiency, driving down costs, increasing your savings and improving sustainability, without the need for additional capital expenditures.

This service has been a game changer for large users of energy, because it is a one-stop shop, yielding guaranteed savings (on average 10 to 25 percent), and positive cash flow, improved efficiencies, reliability and a reduction in your carbon footprint. Like other Acclaim services, everything is transparent; we begin by conducting detailed energy assessments to determine potential savings opportunities. Once the project scope is final and construction is complete, a measurement and verification (M&V) analysis will determine the actual savings.

Customers also favor this approach, because they get to see the total project scope, finances, materials and construction costs, project equipment and timing, as well as the opportunity to monitor the performance of all elements of the project to validate energy savings and quality implementation. In addition, all customers get the option to pay back the project costs through a monthly, quarterly or an annual fee for the service(s) received. The payment is generally based directly or indirectly, on the energy savings realized over the term of the agreement, usually 5 to 15 years.

So, if your organization wants to explore or actually shift the burden of financing, owning, installing and managing the performance of energy assets, so you can focus on your core business, we can help.

Additional Customer Benefits:

  • The use of service payments allows businesses to shift energy efficiency projects from an expense asset that they must buy, own, maintain and depreciate to an operating expense similar to a standard utility bill or power purchase agreement.
  • Since the provider owns the energy equipment, customers have no debt on their balance sheet, and their bottom line is improved. So, customers can secure the energy they need with fewer uncertainties because the provider has assumed the risk for achieving energy savings.
  • Maintenance and verification protocols calculate and guarantee the cost savings from energy efficiency projects.
  • Customers have the opportunity to finance multi-measure deep energy retrofits with long, simple payback periods.
  • By rewarding a third-party provider for successfully managing operations, customers reduce the risks and challenges associated with implementing, managing and monitoring new technology.
  • Customers have a lower risk of paying for under-performing equipment because vendors guarantee energy savings at a known cost.

This service is comprehensive and proven to deliver results long term. Contact Us for more details about this unique and effective approach large energy users have adopted.

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