Learnings from Mexico’s 2020 Energy Market and What to expect in 2021: Video From Maria Jose Trevino

January 19, 2021

As we leave 2020 in the dust, there is still a cloud of uncertainty ahead in Mexico when it comes to how to use and manage energy effectively.  In 2021, businesses will demand energy expertise to apply best practices to mitigate risks, costs, and leverage effective energy strategies.

For those considering coming to Mexico or are already vested in the market, Maria Jose highlights the successes and challenges businesses have faced in managing energy strategically. In addition, she gives insights as to what approaches have been used to optimize their energy portfolio despite the pandemic, regulatory changes, reliability, and sustainability hurdles.  As one of the country’s leading authorities, you will benefit from this video, but if you want more detailed insights about the market on an ongoing basis, take a look at our Monthly Market Reports in Mexico.