Reasons Why MUDs Choose Acclaim

July 31, 2020

Acclaim, founded more than 18 years ago, was one of the first to offer improved energy management solutions to the Texas Municipal Utility District Community. Our goal was to provide deep functional expertise and a holistic approach to understanding how to use and manage energy effectively.

Today, Acclaim has one of Texas’s most experienced energy advisory teams serving water districts. Our portfolio of services includes strategic energy procurements, access to the top creditworthy retailers in the market, RFP coordination, risk management services, meter add and delete services, bill verification, client advisories, and customized demand management solutions.

  • In addition, Acclaim was one of the pioneers in developing aggregation pools more than 10 years ago and in the past three years more than 175 water districts have participated in Acclaim electricity aggregation pools.
  • During that same period, we were one of the first to assist MUDs with the opportunity to access Distributed Generation Programs in Texas.
  • Most recently, Acclaim added a new service, Texas Public Energy Solution (TPES) interlocal, which offers to help MUDs and government entities with evolving energy challenges, allowing for additional energy-related services and savings where needed.

For your district, created by general or special law, Subchapter I, section 49.278, of the Texas Water Code states that electricity does not have to be competitively bid, to obtain best value, Acclaim will ensure that your energy requirements are competitively bid, meet compliance obligations, and negotiated directly with retail electric providers on your district’s behalf.

For knowledgeable insights, proven expertise, superior service (97 percent customer retention rate), innovative solutions, and savings contact:

Mary DuBois, Vice President Municipal Utility District Market | O: 832.294.2504 | C: 832.304.3504